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There are two comfortable dinning rooms with carved woods and stone walls with local and antique fishing apparel. Warm atmosphere for long talks after meals.

Our dishes combine the traditional Asturian receipts (Asturian bean stew, roast kid, rice pudding, cabrales cheese croquettes, local cheeses selection) are combine with modern and imaginative cuisine (Rissottos, grilled white asparagus with sea urchin caviar, filet mignon with foie, apple sauce and Oporto wine sauce).

If your wish is to celebrate a more private event, you can do so in our private dinning room, design a special menu for a particular occasion. Group menus also available.

Picos de Europa - Principado de Asturias - Telefono de reservas: 985 41 40 30
info@lamolinuca.comFax: 985 41 43 97
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